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Code Development

Ephemeral dark-data is flooding your office right now as you read this and most likely you arent even aware!

Such am"big"uous insecure data is like air condition escaping an open window on a hot summer day. . . Thats where I come in. I uncover nuggets of "data-gold" buried in your "business brown-noise" and strategically leverage them to design innovative verticle streams of income for your existing business.

Wait What?

I mine dark data and innovate new statistical analysis against those collections to deliver business insights while corraling and securing your new assets.
Data has more value (and is thus at greater risk) than most realize. Understanding how to strategize your data exhaust is often much more complicated than even knowing your own business' product offering and service proposition.

It is my job to code ways I can invent ways for your business to prosper from all points of your data!

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