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Design, IT & WebDev

Innovative Creativity | Technical Production | Stategic Analysis

I could go into geeky lengthy dissertation on dark BIG-data, ephemeral exhaust, cyber forensics, code wars, statistical analysis, business brown-noise, technological determinism or social constructionism but Ill just keep my statement simple and say I offer a vast technical expertise surrounding a wide range of programmatic and multi-media services tempered by proven business and marketing wisdom.

It is my job to innovate solutions for your business to prosper !

A BIG Heart

Though I am all "FortKnox" about "Got /ROOT?" as well as "home&hearth" but in stark contrast, I consistently practice a deep sense of positive altruism through a civic minded approach. Amongst other small business ventures, Philabundance has certainly impacted my humility and helped to define my character.

Film & Video

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